Haftmittel Ausstattung
Our Machinery

Punching Equipment
5 25 to 250-tonne punching machines

Aluminium Processing
5 automatic sawing machines
automatic drilling and thread cutting
1 vibratory grinding unit

CNC Lathing
5 automatic lathing machines with a rodloader magazine

1 spot welding unit
1 welding robot

Adhesive Coating
3 alkaline degreasing machines
3 troughed belt shotblasting machines
1 continuous shotblasting machine
2 rotary table shotblasting machines
2 injector shotblasting machines
12 chain spraying machines
4 rotary table spraying machines
1 immersion unit
1 surface spraying machine
1 suspended conveyor
2 manual spraying stands
2 drying furnaces
4 compressors
central adhesive supply
1,250 KVA internal power supply